What Makes Happy Work

The rat race is on and everyone is scrambling for a place. There is a constant hustle and bustle as people tread over one another to be somewhere. Deadlines, time frames, etc. are household words as one spends more and more time trying to achieve an ever growing target. The continual strain takes its toll and anxiety sets in.

Another scenario is where the person has health related issues. ADHD, Thyroid related illnesses, high blood pressure, etc. can also trigger off a panic attack. Pregnancy and post natal depression, along with ailments causing pain, can also lead to insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

With mood swings on, people try to find a stress reducer either from consulting a doctor or by trying age old remedies. These remedies include dark chocolate, green tea, chamomile or lavender, aromatherapy, massages, scheduled or unscheduled vacations, etc.

A doctor can be consulted to ascertain the reason and level of depression. The doctor can then prescribe a suitable medication that will not affect nor be affected by any other medication you might be taking currently. Herbal pills also seem to be favored as anti depressants. The very term ‘Herbal’ lulls one into a sense of security that the pills are safe from side effects.

While this is not always the case, the pills do seem to bring ‘happiness’. This could be from a placebo effect the pills might have. This could also be due to the ingredients in the drug.

What are the ingredients in the Happy Mind pill?

The major component is L-Theanine. This has been used for anxiety related problems, blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease for some time. Withania, a famous Ayurvedic drug has been used for centuries for the treatment of insomnia, inflammatory conditions, improving stamina, helping with convalescence, etc. Lemon balm, Magnolia and Rhodolia are herbs, generally used to treat diarrhea, stomach problems, etc. They are said to have a calming effect and is used as a treatment for melancholy.

Other components include Passion flower, hops, acai fruit and Panax Ginseng. Ginseng has been used for many years to improve concentration and memory as well as stamina. It has also been used to cope with strain or depression and is considered a medicine for contentment in itself.

Considering the ingredients, it is not surprising about the effects of the pill. However, the user must remember to take it only when he is not required to be alert such as when he is driving, as it causes a feeling of being sedated.

Tips To Maintain General Health Of Body

Human body is the greatest science of nature which anybody could imitate. Off course replica can be created but, with the help of a live cell. This uncompetitive science has lots of complications if ignored to maintain. Each of us is responsible to take care of our body and here are few tips for general health. There is a saying “early to bed also early to rise keeps the man healthy, wise and wealthy”. As said here first tip for general good health is to wake up early. Should start the day with healthy workout so as to release the stiffness of body and make it flexible for day long activities. Having healthy breakfast with all family members so that the body can enjoy healthy munching and brain can enjoy togetherness of all members. A stress free mind produces less stress on body, giving more scope for organs to stay active for whole day. It may sound impractical because work related stress is too common in computerized mechanical way of living. Hence, meditation is good to ease the stress on mind. Evening should be made fresh with nature walk before it gets dark because at night greens get dangerous as plants to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night. Dinner should be very light and should have a gap of minimum three hours before going to the bed. Bed time bath in warm water and wearing comfortable pajamas for bed is a healthy and lively habit. Cottons are good for skin as it allows pores to breathe fresh air. Better to keep the meshed windows opened at night instead to getting addicted to fans or air conditioners. As much as possible one should avoid artificial flavors in food and electronic gadgets for comfort. Both are temporary comforts but, too hazardous for general health of body.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

If body is active then automatically mind works sharp. Otherwise, mind looses capacity to think and body gets passive. This condition is known as laziness in general language. Hence, active brain needs active body and vice versa is also equally true. These two are complementary factors of a human body however gets coordinated to stay alive. Facelift NJ The facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a procedure that improves the aesthetic appearance of the face by minimizing the stigmata of aging.